Section 9. Reminding about Applying Possible Solutions

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Section 9. Reminding about Applying Possible Solutions. (39:4444:38). Towards the end, Frank reinforces the learnings of the session by asking Kim what she will take forward into the future. The three levels of initiative idea seemed to be useful, and Frank said it could be applied to several contexts, such as social planning as well (amplifying the range of application of a solution). The idea of “date night” using her girlfriends as babysitters so that she and John could reinvest in their couplehood, thus reducing his insecurity about their union, was especially interesting to Kim. A reminder that she would be successful in having her needs met, provided she stated them assertively with a gentle start-up, was another intervention that she trusted. And finally, she liked the idea of carrying family pictures as a token of the warmth of the love of her new family, with the application of this idea as a token of our consultation, one she is unlikely to forget.

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