About SOC

About Solution Oriented Counselling

Solution Oriented Counselling is a framework of consultation designed to find solutions that fit you. It is an eclectic extension of a solution-focused approach to foster a sustainable and enjoyable life of purpose, passion, and precision.

The Solution often includes a description of the presenting problem or dilemma and its scope of influence in the client’s life. Often the very definition and description of a problem is embedded in an interpersonal matrix. That is, how we describe and understand a situation really depends on the lenses we use, including our friends and our culture. Similarly, an individual paradigm or life view can limit the vision to see or grasp a viable solution. The consultant employs Cognitive Behavior Therapy and other strategies to help the client escape the grip of current constraints, collaborating in a therapeutic alliance to guide the discovery process utilizing client strengths and stories. Narratives and meaning can be transformed with metaphors and reframing typical of an Ericksonian hypnotic approach. The focus is on the Now with strategies towards planning a desired future. The past is only invoked or analyzed insofar as it intrudes upon or limits current functioning.

The word Oriented indicates that this method is not exclusively solution-focused or solution-forced. The consultant takes time to listen and understand the client’s circumstance, with empathy for the emotions and cognitions that underly dilemmas of living. During this process there is a gradual loosening of the lines that bind the mind, and a beginning of the gentle seeding of patterns of possibility.

Counselling describes a continuum of intervention from therapy to coaching. On the left side of the gradient is intensive forms of therapy to promote healing from a position of hopeless misery and trauma. Such therapy might include therapies known by their acronyms such as EMDR, CBT, SFT, and ACT. In the middle of the gradient are stuck points in life transitions. A counselling stance focuses on strengths, skills, and strategies to navigate through the rapids and turbulent sections of life’s journey. On the right side of the continuum is coaching to refine performance, enhance happiness, balance, engagement, and meaning with elements of mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion.

A more complete and detailed description of this approach resides in articles and workshops Dr. Young has presented about SOC under the Publications tab.

About the Symbolism Of The SOC Logo

The central sphere is contained by the letter C for Counselling. The sphere itself embodies the O for Oriented, a virtual world of possibilities. The central S for Solution is not boldly stated, but can be found at the meeting point between the yin and yang implied by the teardrop swirls in the sphere. An adequate and comprehensive Solution ideally should incorporate both male and female energy elements, both initiative and reflection. The Solution that fits for you can actually be several variations tried on in real life to see which one applies best for your situation and resources. Once it is found, the subtle S hidden in that globe of opportunities becomes much more obvious. It was always there, but now it emerges more strongly in awareness. On a larger scale, the color indigo represents consciousness and spirituality holding our blue planet, for which we need to find solutions that fit sustainably in our world.