Section 5. A second major turning point occurs

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Section 5. A second major turning point occurs in response to Kim’s theme of frustration in not being able to pursue her career in hairdressing. (15:0025:34). Of course, the obvious idea of her operating a cottage industry in her home is missing a primary ingredient: enthusiasm and joy. So Frank introduces this line of thinking with the request “Tell me about Lucy’s hair!” (16:07). Kim immediately lights up like a Christmas tree as she describes her daughter. Lightened and exuberant, she is now more open to consider her hairdressing her friends’ hair at home. The fact that they do not have much money is not a major concern (trade and barter for future babysitting so that she can go on “date nights” with John will be integrated in a later intervention). Soon Kim’s spurt of enthusiasm runs out as the momentum of a “good idea” gets clogged in the mud of inertia when she says she is too tired and depressed to consider beginning such a project. A discussion ensues when Frank describes the cartoon character “Snoopy” meditating on his doghouse, marveling at his consistency. This humor gets Kim giggling, a good sign, as Frank begins the treatise on repetitive work as a meditative practice, an intriguing reframe. The conversation then drifts into the fun (rather than tedium) of child-rearing, and John’s fun with the kids, his loyal parenting and staying with her after the surprise pregnancies. Frank leads into a general talk about expectations, about how the couple relationship developed.

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