Frank D. Young, Ph.D. is a Registered Psychologist with a private practice servicing Comox Valley, B.C. He has published many articles, presented at numerous workshops, and produced audiofile CDs and MP3 programs on such topics as Ericksonian approaches in hypnosis and therapy, humorous approaches in strategic family therapy, imagery training, lucid dreaming, creativity, and Mind State Management and performance enhancement.

Clinical Topics Include:
Stress Management ● Anxiety & Phobias ● Depression ● Insomnia & Nightmares ● Codependency ● Hypnosis ● EMDR For Post-Traumatic Stress ● Mindfulness & Personal Peace ● Transitions & Transformations ● Meaning & Life Purpose ● Positive Psychology ● Personal Coaching ● Mind State Management ● Environmental Psychology ● Mentoring


Solution Oriented CounsellingSolution Oriented Counselling

The Model
Solution Oriented Counselling is a framework of consultation designed to find solutions that fit you.
Our collaboration together begins with me hearing like an echo and reflecting like a pond as you tell me your situation and how you see it. The word Oriented indicates that this method is not exclusively solution-focused or solution-forced. I will take time to listen and understand your circumstance, with empathy for the emotions and cognitions that underlie your dilemmas of living.

Often problems as well as their solutions are embedded in an interpersonal context or matrix, so that you can’t see them emerge as possibilities. Or perhaps potential solutions can be constrained by a personal paradigm or life view that seems to limit your options. So this approach will likely include both systemic and Cognitive Behavior Therapy elements to free you from those constraints. I will use collaboration in the therapeutic alliance to guide the discovery process utilizing your strengths and stories. Narratives and meaning can be transformed with metaphors and reframing typical of an Ericksonian hypnotic approach. The focus is on the Now with strategies towards planning a desired future. The past is only invoked or analysed insofar as it intrudes upon or limits current functioning.

Counselling describes a continuum of intervention from therapy to coaching. In the most severe situations, we can use intensive forms of therapy (EMDR, CBT, ACT, MBSR and other therapies) to promote healing from a position of hopeless misery and trauma. But for most people, the word counselling best describes people who may be stuck in points of life transitions A counselling stance focuses on strengths, skills, and strategies to navigate through the rapids and turbulent sections of life’s journey. On the right side of the continuum is coaching to refine performance, and also to enhance happiness, balance, engagement, and meaning with elements of mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion. So our journey of mutual discovery can begin, disengage, and resume consultation according to your needs as you progress towards a happy and meaningful life.


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