Dr. Young

About Dr. Frank Young

Frank D. Young, Ph.D., is an author and a formerly registered psychologist in private practice in Comox Valley, B.C., Canada. His practice is now closed but his website still goes on as a resource to the public.

Dr. Young was formerly Senior Clinical Psychologist, Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta. Instructor, Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis. Sport Psychologist, National Coaching Certification Program. Founding Editorial Board Member, Journal of Systemic Therapies. Former Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He has published articles, presented numerous workshops, and produced CDs and MP3 audio files on such topics as Ericksonian approaches in hypnosis and therapy, stress management, imagery training, lucid dreaming, creativity, mind state management, and performance enhancement. Many of his principles of meditation, mindfulness, and problem resolution with a solution orientation derive from the philosophy of judo and other martial arts.

This website also presents a preview of his recently published book. “Lessons My Clients Have Taught Me and Other Stories” features highlights of a career spanning over thirty years of public and private practice in psychology. This book can be ordered in paper or electronic form through a link on the website or can be purchased internationally from Amazon.com.