• ABOUT DR. FRANK YOUNG - A brief biography including work experience and publishing.  
  • CURRICULUM VITAE - A chronological resume, describing publications and academic and work experiences.
  • LUCIDITY TRAINER PROFILE - A brief biography about Dr. Young focusing on training in lucid dreaming.
  • SPORT PSYCHOLOGY PROFILE - This profile emphasizes Dr. Young’s qualifications and experience in sport psychology for individuals and teams at the provincial, national, and international levels for amateur and professional sport.

CD Description

  • DEVELOPING CREATIVITY - This article describes a CD and mp3 program designed to allow the mind to each a state of near sleep that will unlock a greater freedom of thought and creativity, allowing the user to synthesize resolutions to problems and questions.
  • IN-PSYCH FOR SPORTS: IMPRINTING THE IDEAL PERFORMANCE STATE - Use all your senses in imaging the Ideal Performance State. Learn how to deal with competition anxiety, to recover from setbacks, to park distractions and refocus on your game plan for high performance and achievement.
  • LUCID DREAMING MADE EASY CD - Liner notes for the CD and MP3 program, Lucid Dreaming Made Easy
  • SCRIPT FOR DEVELOPING PERSONAL CREATIVITY - Described is the “Developing Creativity” program, including descriptions of how to use the alpha, beta, and theta mind states to open the mind to creative problem solving by releasing the restraints of rigid rules and boundaries. Through the use of … Continue reading

Clinical Guidelines

DVD Notes

  • TURNING POINTS IN THERAPEUTIC CONVERSATIONS - These are technical notes to describe what is happening in a key training DVD featuring “Kim”, a client doing a demonstration 50-minute consultation interview with Dr. Young in front of a live audience of 200 mental health professionals in Cochrane, … Continue reading


  • GRATITUDE LETTER TO JUDY - This is an example of a Gratitude Letter, a Coaching Toward Happiness intervention. It is a personal letter written to Ms. Judy M as an expression of gratitude for her role as a friend and colleague, as well as her … Continue reading
  • GRATITUDE VISIT PROCESS NOTE - Notes about Ms. Judy M’s immediate reaction to the gratitude letter and the gratitude visit, and the effect of positive psychology on her perception of herself.
  • Sarah’s Dream - The description of a lucid dream experienced by Sarah L. Young.

Journal Article

  • A CONTEXT FOR MENTORING - This PAA Psymposium article discusses the overlap in supervision and mentoring, and the transitions from transactional to transformational leadership as the supervision relationship develops and matures. It then distinguishes the context of mentoring from that of supervision, allowing for more … Continue reading
  • DIALOGICAL DISPUTATION OF NEGATIVE SELF-STATEMENTS: CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD - Why are negative self-statements and negative self-appraisals so strong, so persistent, and seemingly so impervious to correction? This paper proposes that their strength could arise from a vestige of the bicameral mind, in which self-originated statements have the authority of … Continue reading
  • MARTIAL ARTS METAPHORS AND HYPNOSIS, CHAPTER 1 - This series of articles proposes that, in some circumstances, metaphors of personal integrity and systemic harmony derived from the Martial Arts can be included in hypnotic inductions to promote personal growth and peace. The first article focuses on the creation … Continue reading
  • MARTIAL ARTS METAPHORS AND HYPNOSIS: CHAPTER 2 - The second article in this series continues the exploration of metaphors of personal integrity and systemic harmony derived from the Martial Arts and their inclusion in hypnotic inductions to promote personal growth and peace.
  • SOLUTION-FOCUSED THERAPY INTEGRATED WITH COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY TREATING EATING DISORDERED ATHLETES - Eating disorders afflict a noteworthy minority of athletes, especially in aesthetically-judged and weight-category sports. This paper summarizes a Masters thesis on the author’s use of solution-focused principles in a cognitive behavior therapy framework in treating these athletes. It also discusses … Continue reading
  • TEACH ME YOUR SYMPTOM - Occasionally people ask me “Whatever got you interested in hypnosis in the first place?” I invariably break out in a wry smile, and reflect back on how it all happened. The story reminds me that our client-teachers are often neither … Continue reading
  • THE MAKING OF J.S.T. - This article outlines the inspiration and early phases of development of the Journal of Strategic and Systemic Therapies, later to become The Journal of Systemic Therapies, published by Guilford Press. Don Efron and the author established the core of the … Continue reading

Magazine Article

Mission Statement Example

  • FRANK D. YOUNG PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT - An early version of a mission statement, including goals, core values, and professional development.
  • FRANK D. YOUNG PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT (2008) - An updated version of a mission statement, including goals, core values, and professional development. Categories are updated, and added is the “signature strengths” category.
  • THEME LIST - In an MBA course in life and career management the participants needed to do an extensive self analysis in order to make life and career choices and a life strategy. This list outlines recurrent, prominent themes. It is offered as … Continue reading

Program Brochure

Program Outline


  • LIST OF PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS - This list briefly documents a 30-year history of professional publications, including chapters of books, journal articles, international conference presentations and workshops, and multimedia self-help CD programs and MP3 files on a wide variety of topics.
  • MIND STATE MANAGEMENT: THE SOFTWARE OF THE MIND - Neuro Technology Mind State Management: the Software of the Mind by Frank Young, Ph.D. This article is derived from its first publication, which appeared in the Voyager XL User Guide © Copyright 1993 Theta Technologies. Reproduced here with permission. People … Continue reading

Self-Help Program

  • A HOUSE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE MESSY FAMILY - Families sometimes need a structure or system to eliminate chronic problems. In this case the problem is that clothes, personal items, and dirty dishes are left around common areas of the family house. The solution program allows for disposing of … Continue reading
  • ANGER MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST: A self-help tool to chill - As soon as you become aware that you may be angry, begin to lower your activation level by remembering that anger is a choice, and by using several techniques such as breathing control and tension-release exercises. As your ability to … Continue reading
  • ANXIETY MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST - Anxiety is the substrate of most emotional disorders. Whether it be worries, fears, phobias, post traumatic stress disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, conversion reactions, or psychophysiological disorders, cognitive behavior therapy has been proven to be effective in treatment of these dysfunctions. … Continue reading
  • BULIMIA NERVOSA SELF-HELP PROGRAM - This program can be offered to a voluntary client with the assistance of friends and family, as an adjunct to outpatient psychotherapy. Basically, the client is monitored by another person after eating to prevent purging.
  • CONTRACT FOR A HOMECARE WEIGHT-GAIN PROGRAM FOR ANOREXIA NERVOSA - Sometimes a case of anorexia nervosa can be partially treated at home with the help of friends and family acting as a support network supervising a structure of activity levels contingent on weekly weight gain. This program can be done … Continue reading
  • DETAILED SLEEP PROGRAM - This program is simple but effective to deal with onset insomnia and early morning wakening. It involves two kinds of focused meditations and a procrastinated task. More detailed version especially for periods of reawakening during the night.
  • HOUSE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE MS FAMILY - In this case, the mother of a family has Multiple Sclerosis. Martha’s illness is variable in how it limits her daily abilities. The family does not want to undermine her functioning or dismiss her roles, but the family cannot depend … Continue reading
  • HOW IMAGERY GUIDES OUR BEHAVIOR - The capacity of imagery to guide behavior is especially useful in sport and other high performance situations. This script outlines how to construct an imagery program using visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, and olfactory sensation to enhance learn and refine high … Continue reading
  • SIMPLE SLEEP PROGRAM - This program is simple but effective to deal with onset insomnia and early morning wakening. It involves two kinds of focused meditations and a procrastinated task.
  • TEENAGERS PROGRAM FOR FAMILY SAFETY AND SECURITY: SANCTUARY - This self-help program is designed to provide a timeout zone for teenagers living in chaotic and disturbed families. The term “sanctuary” is stated when the teenager needs a break from arguments and tension. Guidelines are presented.

Service Information

  • EXECUTIVE COACHING SERVICES: 2009 - Executive Coaching is an arrangement of ongoing consultation for personal balance, enhanced performance, organizational effectiveness, enjoyment of living, and the fulfillment of meaning and purpose. This document outlines the executive coaching services provided by Dr. Young.
  • MENTORING IN HYPNOTHERAPY - This brochure highlights training and mentoring offered by Dr. Young in Ericksonian hypnotherapy.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: 2009 - A list of professional services, qualifications, and prices. Services include coaching, therapy, and supervision.
  • SUPERVISION AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING SERVICES: 2009 - This document outlines supervision and professional training services provided by Dr. Young. The list includes: supervision for registration as a psychologist in Alberta and for AAMFT accreditation. Modalities include individual, couple, and family therapy, counselling, and organizational consulting interventions.

SOC Model Description

Workshop Handout

  • DREAMING FOR GOOD HEALTH - Many people dream of having good health, wellness, and personal fulfillment, but few realize that they can use dreams to promote these benefits. This session will outline methods for dream incubation using imagery, and the use of Lucid Dreaming in … Continue reading
  • FLOW: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE - Flow is the state in which knower & known, subject & object, all are One, the moment is eternal; unity, blend, distinct calm in the blur of motion and purpose, focused action, observing, selecting, opening, aware, every-moment Zen. This article … Continue reading
  • HOW IMAGERY GUIDES OUR PERFORMANCE - Imagery is effective in setting up self-fulfilling prophecies of future behavior and performance, both for the imagers and others in their social contexts. These principles apply in skill learning, sports, entertainment performances, business situations, group leadership, couples and families, and … Continue reading
  • THE CONSCIOUSNESS CONTINUUM INCLUDING REM - An outline of the different states in the consciousness continuum, including Beta, Alpha, Theta, REM, and Delta states.
  • THE MILLENIUM MENTAL TOOLKIT: SKILLSETS TO NAVIGATE THE AGE OF UNCERTAINTY - This toolkit assembles skillsets for navigating the 21st century world, especially information paradigms, cognitive flexibility, and a view of reality as co-constructed.
  • THE TRANCE CONTINUUM: MEDITATION, BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT, AND HYPNOSIS - Great debates repeatedly seem to arise about the nature and properties of hypnosis, especially when compared with other practices to attain altered states of consciousness. For example, repeatedly hypnotists are asked to explain the difference between their practice and that … Continue reading
  • THREE METHODS OF DESENSITIZATION - This workshop handout includes definitions and descriptions of three methods to overcome anxiety, fear and phobias associated with trauma. The approaches include Implosion, Systematic Desensitization, Expanding Videoscreen Desensitization, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
  • WHAT’S A META FOR? brief description - Solutions to client dilemmas can often be limited by their rules of context or conceptual paradigms in the family system or an individual’s perceived constraints. Sometimes what can be helpful is a metaphor or story constructed by the therapist, or … Continue reading
  • WHAT’S A META FOR? HANDOUT - A shortened version of the article “WHAT’S A META FOR? DESIGNING AND DELIVERING THERAPEUTIC METAPHORS”. In this workshop participants will explore the rich world of indirection, metaphor, and symbol systems in theory and in practice in small groups. A special … Continue reading

Workshop Outline

  • A METAPHOR YOU: CUSTOMIZING STORIES AND ICONIC IMAGES FOR YOUR CLIENTS - Solutions to client dilemmas can often be constrained by their rules of context or conceptual paradigms in the family system or even within an individual. Sometimes what can be helpful is a metaphor or story constructed by the therapist, or … Continue reading
  • BRIEF AND EFFECTIVE INTERVENTIONS: A SOLUTION-FOCUS FRAMEWORK - A description of a workshop dealing with intervention and solution-focused therapy.
  • CONFUSION INDUCTIONS: A PRAGMATIC GUIDE - Confusion inductions will be discussed in terms of where and when to use them and with what client populations. Several formats will be presented with demonstrations and opportunity for skill training in small supervised practice groups.
  • CONFUSION INDUCTIONS: A PRAGMATIC GUIDE (detailed) - This advanced level workshop in hypnosis outlines the theory of how confusion inductions work and with what populations. Participants will observe several demonstrations of confusion induction formats, then have opportunities for supervised practice.
  • CONVERSATIONAL INDUCTIONS: WE’RE TALKING TRANCE - Using the interaction of conversation and its feedback loops, it is relatively easy to induce moderate levels of therapeutic trance without performance anxiety during a clinical interview. This workshop outlines steps and strategies to incorporate naturalistic conversational inductions of hypnotic … Continue reading
  • DUAL INDUCTIONS USING FAMILY MEMBERS AS COTHERAPISTS - Many family interactions can be described as powerful hypnotic inductions. A hypnotherapist can utilize these same patterns as a basis for naturally occurring inductions at opportune moments in family interviews, e.g., during simultaneous speech by several family members. Parents, partners, … Continue reading
  • ERICKSONIAN PRINCIPLES IN CLINICAL INTERVIEWING - This workshop presents an extensive exposure to the theoretical and strategic principles that underlie Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Participants will focus on and practice utilizations, pattern matching, motivational preparation, pattern disruptions, dissociations and splitting, linking and cognitive reframing, and closure with consolidation.
  • FAMILY MEMBERS AS COTHERAPISTS In HYPNOTHERAPY - This was a unique workshop presented at AAMFT ’89 in Chicago. Family members can be effectively empowered by having them participate as cotherapists in multiple simultaneous inductions in a family hypnotherapy. A videotaped case example presents a mentally challenged low … Continue reading
  • FLOW IN THE PROCESS OF THERAPY - A 2-3 hr. workshop in integrating Flow concepts in psychotherapy to instill passion and joy in your work.
  • HAVING MORE FUN IN YOUR DREAMS - Many people dream of having good health, wellness, and personal fulfillment. Few, however, realize the enormous potential that they have for using dreams to promote these outcomes. In this 2-hour presentation, Dr. Young will share techniques for dream incubation using … Continue reading