ANGER MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST: A self-help tool to chill

As soon as you become aware that you may be angry, begin to lower your activation level by remembering that anger is a choice, and by using several techniques such as breathing control and tension-release exercises. As your ability to think returns, reappraise the situation to lower the perceived threat to your security and status, feeling more confidence in your skills and resources. Realize that the world often does not function the way you think it should, and you will not have to remain angry until the world changes. Use empathy and understanding to forge win-win resolutions of conflict, while you keep your needs and the needs of others in mind. Identify underlying issues as patterns of recurrent problems seem to come up over and over. Find resources for resolving these issues. This brief handout lists questions designed to focus your attention on solutions to anger situations.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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