In Psych for Sports


Learn the skills for high performance and achievement in sports and any other life situations requiring excellence, precision, and consistency.



In-Psych for Sports

Imprinting The Ideal Performance State

by Frank D. Young, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Use this audiotaped program to learn how to:

  • utilize all your senses in imaging the Ideal Performance State * control anxiety and activation level
  • deal with competition anxiety
  • recover from setbacks
  • manage stress
  • park distractions
  • stabilize moods
  • refocus on your game plan
  • problem-solve key elements of your technical skill routines
  • increase mental focus and concentration
  • build a confident winning attitude
  • and use imagery effectively.

These skills will assist high performance and achievement in sports and any other life situations requiring excellence, precision, and consistency of results.

The A-side of the tape features the theory of how imagery guides our behavior, presenting the “Ring on a String” imagery demonstration. It then guides you in constructing a detailed and vivid mental model, using as many senses as possible to increase the depth of neural imprinting of the Ideal Performance State (IPS).

The B-side of the tape begins with imaging the competition site, settling down your activation level with a focusing tension-release breathing imagery exercise. Then you image the IPS, a scene where you are performing to the best of your ability. Then you problem-solve using imagery, dealing with difficulties such as errors in execution, bad calls by the referee, or a scoring run by the opposing player or team. You practice how to adjust and refocus with renewed dedication, ending with the positive affirmations of a winning attitude. Then the IPS is rehearsed once again with a sense of deep satisfaction and confidence, emphasizing smoothness, flow, and mastery. The final phase provides real time rehearsal of the IPS, finishing energized while hanging loose but precise, confident and “in the Zone.”

This audiotape was developed by Dr. Frank Young, a sport psychologist, hypnotist, and training program consultant to Theta Technologies Inc. It briefly summarizes the precompetition and competition phases of imagery training in an entire series of tapes based on principles taught in the National Coaching Certification Program. Dr. Young has instructed in this program for several years, and has worked with world medalists and Olympic athletes for more than 10 years.

 Light and Sound Devices

Note: This tape is custom-designed for direct use with the Voyager XLTM light and sound device produced by Theta Technologies Inc. Connect your tape player to this mind machine, press Energize B-1, play Side B, and as soon as you hear the musical tone, start the program. Everything will run in synchrony.*

* This tape may also be used with other brands of light and sound devices, (such as the D.A.V.I.D. ParadiseTM systems produced by Comptronic Devices Ltd.TM). With these other devices, use a standard 20-minute beta-alpha-theta-alpha-beta session as listed in the program manual for that device. While the session synchrony will not be as precise, the overall effect will be approximately similar.