Lucid Dreaming Made Easy


Two programs outlining the theory of lucid dreaming and guided induction to prepare lucid dreaming.



Become aware in the dreaming state. Explore a universe beyond limitation, in the ultimate virtual reality of lucid dreaming.

Use this digitally mastered CD to induce a state of deep relaxation, and while you relax you can learn how to recognize that you are in a dream state when you are dreaming. You can then use this lucid awareness for:

stress management
holistic healing
modeling new realities and future scenarios
talking with you ‘Inner Guide’
exploring the frontiers of consciousness and creativity in the universe of your mind.

This program is designed to help people have more frequent and effective lucid dreams. It arose out of many years of personal practice. However, in the early years I, like many others, did not have the personal support to talk about my discoveries. Before long, I stopped talking about my abilities as a lucid dreamer. Within a few years, almost all vestiges of my childhood ability nearly vanished.

As an adult I occasionally had such dreams, but I largely kept them to myself. I secretly yearned for an opportunity to share these unique experiences with other people. Finally, I met my dear friend and creativity collaborator, Dan McKinnon, who told me about The Lucidity Institute, Palo Alto, California. This learning center was a commercial outgrowth of the Stanford University dream research program and its principal researcher, Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.

At last, I now knew others cherished this skill and desired to experience these phenomena. Furthermore, they wanted to develop curricula to train these skills for the public at large. With my background in imagery, hypnosis, guided imagery, and altered states of consciousness, given my natural ability to dream lucidly, I felt I could offer help in developing training programs in lucidity. With the encouragement of Mike LaPointe, then president of The Lucidity Institute, and Dr. LaBerge, with whom I collaborated, we developed programs and seminars to promote lucid dreaming. The Institute was especially interested in dreamwork assisted by a REM-detecting and signaling device called The Dreamlight TM. Variants of this technology are available from a number of manufacturers, all helping to produce success in lucid dreaming. Nevertheless, it has been found throughout millenia that the most effective components in a lucidity program have to do with incubation and preparation of intent, hence the inspiration for this CD program, based on a hypnotic induction for lucid dreaming. The script was derived from ideas developed by Dr. LaBerge and myself, and was field-tested in training workshops in Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay area in the early 1990’s.

The successor to my first production entitled “Relax Into Lucid Dreaming”, “Lucid Dreaming Made Easy” features a revised and improved script, with superior production and editing, to make a seamless program for effective lucid dreaming. It features more techniques and strategies derived from the field testing experience of a group in Calgary, Canada, called Dreamseekers. This group of nine friends has been meeting regularly for more than eight years as a mutual support for each others’ lucidity and consciousness development training. I personally thank Dreamseekers (Dan, Ken, David, Judy, Bob, Carol, Marian and Chris) for their continued support in lucidity training. I would also like to acknowledge the consistent support of my son, Mark, and my daughter, Sarah, in pursuing this path of lucidity over the years. Sarah in particular is a skilled lucid dreamer whose enthusiasm is an inspiration for me in my lucidity projects.

I sincerely hope that you, the listener and fellow explorer, have as much fun with lucid Dreaming Made Easy as we did in developing it for your pleasure.

Dr. Frank D. Young is a chartered psychologist in private practice in Calgary, Canada. Dr. Young specializes in counseling people with eating disorders, stress management problems, anxiety, and phobias. In addition, he is a clinical member and approved Supervisor for AAMFT. Two other areas of specialization include sport psychology and neurotechnology. Frank is currently a sport psychology and neurotechnology. Frank is currently a Sport psychology Instructor and Consultant for the national Coaching Certification program, as well as for several National teams and athletes. He is an Editorial Advisory Board member of the Journal of Systemic Therapies, and has published numerous articles and presented many workshops on such topics as Ericksonian approaches in hypnosis and therapy, therapeutic humor, anorexia and bulimia, imagery training, lucid dreaming, mind state management, creativity, and neurotechnology. Sound Sample